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US company invents new way of communication


Everyone’s aBuzz about TwitterGram

This buzz comes from, an online text messaging service that can be used from a cell phone, the Web or from IM.

Twitter, Inc. was launched by the creative folks at Obvious in San Francisco. Twitter has launched a new experimental idea for messaging known as the TwitterGram. No, it’s not hand delivered by a uniformed delivery person, but it is a voice version of Twitter.

A TwitterGram is Web-based and contains a title and a small MP3 file. You can send a TwitterGram via a brief audio clip (less than 200K in size) which TwitterGram posts to a server and creates a Twitter post (“tweet”) that links to it.

Frequency of TwitterGrams are limited to approximately one for every 10-minute period to help limit overload of Twitter servers.  TwitterGrams can also be posted to a personal Twitter account as well as to a public collection of Twittergrams (mobile version).

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Last modified on 11 July 2007
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