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Nexus One, $530 unsubsidised

by on30 December 2009


Google does nothing radical

Word on
the street is that Google's multitouch-lacking Nexus One will be flogged unlocked and unsubsidised for $530.

It looks like Google's not going to be selling the phone at cost, like so many people considered and will try to make some cash off the hardware. Cheaper versions of the phone will be through a two year mandatory contract and pay $180 for the phone Google will sell the Nexus at and will call it the “Nexus One” and not the Google Phone as many predictors predicted.

All up the news, along with various screen shots reveal the Nexus One to be just an ordinary bit of Android gear. OK, nice looking, but nothing really to see here. Certainly with some of the contract provisions that Google want you to sign, it is going to be just as draconian as anything you would have to face with AT&T and Apple.

Last modified on 30 December 2009
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