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Nvidia Kepler roadmap shows up

by on28 November 2011


High-end GK104 GPU in 2H of 2012

Following the recent flood of leaks regarding the upcoming GPUs from both camps, site has now leaked what appears to be a Nvidia Kepler roadmap.

The roadmap starts with the GK107 GPU, a budget/mainstream GPU that Nvidia places between GTX 520 and the GTX 550Ti. The GK107 features 128-bit memory interface paired up with GDDR5 memory and has PCI-Express 2.0 interface support. This one is scheduled to launch sometime in Q2 2012. Shortly after the GK107 comes the mid-range/performance GK106 GPU that should replace the Geforce GTX 560 non-Ti version. This one packs a 256-bit memory interface paried up with GDDR5 memory and supports PCI-Express 3.0 interface.

The second half of 2012 will bring the GK104 GPU, a GPU that will feature 384-bit memory interface paired up with GDDR5 memory (most likely 1.5GB). This one should replace the GTX 570 and will be a part of dual-GPU solution that will be known as the GK110. The GK110 GPU will feature two GK104 GPUs. Surprisingly, the GK104 and dual-GPU GK110 will be the last GPUs in 2012, as Nvidia plans the flagship GK112 for late 2012, most probably 2013. The GK112 will feature a 512-bit memory interface.

All new GK GPUs are based on 28nm manufacturing process and, all except GK107, feature support for PCI-Express 3.0 interface. The roadmap is pretty much in line with what we heard before, including that Nvidia will be a bit late with GPUs this year. According to this roadmap, it looks even worse than we expected. We expect Nvidia to be ready with the mainstream part in time for Cebit, while it looks like the performance GPU will be ready for Computex in June 2012.

Unfortunately for Nvidia, AMD's Southern Islands GPUs are going to start to roll out in early 2012. According to what we know so far, high-end Tahiti GPU comes first, while Barts replacement, Pitcairn, should be ready by the end of February and most probably launched sometimes during Cebit in March.

You can check out the Kepler roadmap here.

Last modified on 28 November 2011
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