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Android source code points to Tegra-based Nexus 8

by on28 May 2014

32-bit and 64-bit references

An interesting hardware reference was found in the Android source code and it points to a Nvidia design win, possibly the Nexus 8.

The Volantis/Flounder dev tablet referenced in the code is based on a Tegra chip. However, this is where it gets tricky. Different items mention different versions of the chip, hence there is a reference to a 32-bit part, while another mentions a 64-bit chip, reports MYCE

Both make sense in their own way. Nvidia’s 64-bit Denver core is not ready and the 64-bit variant of Tegra K1, with two Denver cores, is scheduled to ship in the second half of the year. The 32-bit version, based on the venerable Cortex A15 core, is already shipping.

If the device is indeed the Nexus 8 tablet and if it is set to debut at Google I/O 2014, it is practically impossible that it is a Denver part. However, we can only speculate at this point. If Google is planning to announce the tablet and ship it in the weeks following Google I/O, the 32-bit Tegra K1 will have to suffice.

However, speculation is mounting that Google make some sort of 64-bit support announcement at the event. With that in mind a 64-bit chip would make more sense. However, Denver is simply not ready. Of course, there is a slight chance that Google could do some sort of 64-bit paper launch, but it does not have a habit of doing paper launches.

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad is the only Tegra K1 tablet so far and at $240 this 8-incher looks like a rather good deal. We don’t expect Google to go that cheap, but at least it’s good see that it is possible. 

Nvidia is working on an 8-inch tablet, too. Codenamed Mocha, the device features a 2048x1536 screen and 2GB of memory, just like the Mi Pad. 

Last modified on 28 May 2014
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