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Tech billionaires digging up Greenland

by on12 August 2022

Ice, ice baby

Tech billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are backing a move to probe beneath Greenland's melting ice to find resources for clean energy.

Named after a Dungeon and Dragon's gnome [You should not know that. ed] KoBold Metals, a mineral exploration startup powered by AI, is looking for rare and precious metals and minerals beneath Greenland's melting ice that can be used to build electric cars and renewable batteries.

A spokes KoBold said: "We are looking for a discovery that will be one of the largest, most significant nickel and cobalt deposits in the world, potentially capable of powering 100 million EVs." 

A team of 30 people, including geologists, geophysicists, and pilots, is exploring Disko Island and Nuussuaq Peninsula, where the minerals and metals for the batteries and electric vehicles are believed to be in the hills and valleys.

The team in Greenland is using AI to find areas for drilling that can start next summer. In addition, the team is taking soil samples and using drones and helicopters to scope out the layers below the surface.

So while this might be good for finding resources, it might not be so good for Greenland's polar bears. 


Last modified on 12 August 2022
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