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Four new channels for Apple TV

by on25 June 2014

New Apple TV seems more likely now

While Apple has said nothing about its plans for Apple TV, it continues to grow content on the box with the addition of four new channels. The biggest of which is ABC News. The new ABC News channel will offer Live Streaming as part of the channel. In addition the company rolled out PBS Kids, AOL On, and Willow.

Apple has continued to add to its channel lineup and grow the number of channels on the device. It is believed that this is ahead of the company’s plans to introduce a new updated Apple TV model soon.

The Apple TV need more channel content to compete with other big name players like Amazon and Roku, both of which continue to step up its channel offerings. Apple continues to be selective on what channels it adds, it is obvious that the need to add additional channels just to remain competitive.

The latest rumors lead us to believe that the enhanced Apple TV is coming in the next wave of announcements from Apple. It is believed that the new Apple TV will be much faster of course and support applications including casual gaming using Bluetooth connected controllers. It is not clear if Apple itself will offer these controllers or they will just be available from third party vendors. It is also expected that the new version of the Apple TV will have at least some built-in flash storage.

We expect that the new Apple TV will be here in time for the holidays, but we don’t know if the rumored makeover of the user interface is something that is planned to be ready for the release of the new Apple TV. It is also unknown if Apple will elect to update its previous model. It seems unlikely however as the older editions of the Apple TV will not have the power to do many of the things that will be possible with the new Apple TV.


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