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Microsoft takes BSOD to new dimension

by on24 June 2014

Hiring for quantum computing

Software giant Microsoft is working out new ways to get its software into new forms of computing. After all, Redmond might have missed the mobile revolution, but it wants to be right at the forefront of quantum computing.

To be fair, Vole has been working on quantum computing since 2006 when it opened up Station Q research group at the University of California. Since then, the company has been funding projects to try and sort out Quantum without much success. Now Redmond has been hiring in the field like crazy and taken on Douglas Carmean, who previously worked at Intel. Carmean led the design of several Intel processors and is behind a plan to get a working computer out.

Microsoft's approach to quantum computing is based on "topological quantum computing" which is the ability to control the motions of pairs of subatomic particles. Of course it does mean that Microsoft can aspire to a multi-dimensional blue screen of death which rips open the fabric of space in time and infects the world with cats which are potentially dead and alive.

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