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New "Windows" logo unveiled in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

by on13 February 2012

windows logo new

Microsoft parts ways with 22-year old logo

Since the launch of Microsoft Windows 3.0 in May 1990, the Redmond-based software giant has continued to use the same four-colored flapping flag to distinguish its most significant software product to the world at large. Over the past two successive decades, the flag has undergone several color-graded changes, including some noteworthy facelifts (see: Windows XP and Windows 7), but has ultimately remained the same notoriously recognized "Windows flag" for nearly three generations of PC users.

windows 3.0 logo

Microsoft Windows 3.0 logo (May 1990)

Unfortunately, the time has finally come for the corporation to replace its tride-and-true emblem with a refreshing yet monochromatic 4-sided diagonal window pane that emphasizes the term "windows" more than it emphasizes the current multi-colored "flag." Based on some leaked images originating from Chinese forum CNBeta, the company intends to use its new monochromatic logo not only in the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview boot screen, but also on a slew of upcoming Windows 8 tablets that will hit the market beginning Q3 2012.

new windows logo

Of course, many analysts are unsure whether or not these photos are official. CNBeta has been noted in the past for leaking semi-photoshopped images that are available elsewhere, but due to the fact that a hardware photo has been leaked, we remain skeptically optimistic regarding the validity of the new emblem.

new windows hardware logo

The device depicted in the image above is unquestionably an ARM-based tablet running a current build of Windows 8 ARM Edition, as Microsoft has said in the past that it would require a new one-tap "home button" in its manufacturing partner hardware requirements.

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