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Friday, 02 November 2007 13:07

Lars Weinand now part of Nvidia


A new beginning for the ponytail

Thursday, 01 November 2007 18:10

RV670 leaves 8800 GT in dust in VC1 playback


Exclusive: Benchmarked by DAAMIT

Thursday, 01 November 2007 17:26

AMD?s UVD does all decoding in hardware


Nvidia was wrong, says AMD
Thursday, 01 November 2007 11:46

Fastest Intel for 2008 is 3.2GHz quad core


At least that is the current plan
Thursday, 01 November 2007 11:36

A look at ATI?s strong points for RV670 design


DX10.1 and less power consumption
Thursday, 01 November 2007 10:50

RV670PRO to retail for US$179


Hit 'em with the price

Wednesday, 31 October 2007 13:04

169.04 Beta driver is out


Crysis for all and 8800 GT support

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