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Gainward GTX 570 Golden Sample reviewed - 6. Overclocking, Thermals

Written by Sanjin Rados


Review: Great Cooler and Quattro Ports


The GPU’s full potential can only be tapped into with voltage changes. Gainward GTX 570 Golden Sample allows for GPU voltage changes via Afterburner, and that’s what we used. After upping the voltage to 1100mV, we managed to push our GPU to 900MHz and memory to 4500MHz (effectively).





The GTX 570 Golden Sample’s cooling is great when it comes to performance. In fact, we measured lower GPU temperatures after our overclocking than the reference GTX 570 is capable of right out of the box (76°C compared to the reference card’s 85°C).

GTX 570 Golden Sample

GTX 570 Golden Sample OC


When idle, the GTX 570 Golden Sample is inaudible. The fan is not too loud during more intensive gaming and we were happy enough, although the card is a bit louder than the reference card. However, Gainward could have set the fan to be slower and quieter because the thermals are very good.


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