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PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+ tested - 6. Overclocking, Thermals, Noise

Written by Sanjin Rados

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HD 6850’s reference clocks are 775MHz for the GPU and 1000MHz for the memory, and our today’s PowerColor cards clocks are 820MHz for the GPU and 1100MHz for the memory. We relied on MSI’s Afterburner for our overclocking..

We managed to hit 970MHz for the GPU and 1170MHz for the memory by running the card on factory voltage and with the fan in AUTO mode. Software voltage control via I2C is not possible due to use  of more cost effective voltage regulator uP6213.



Thermals and Noise

PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+ didn’t exceed 77°C during our tests. The cooler was almost inaudible in idle operation (44°C). The cooler wasn’t loud, not even in intensive GPU operation.


Power Consumption

HD 6870 consumes 19W in idle and maximum 151W during operation whereas the 6850 draws 19W when idle and maximum 127W during operation.

PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+ consumption is roughly comparable to the AMD reference design.

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