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Intel H55, G6950 and i3-530 tested - 4 Power-Consumption

Written by Eliot Kucharik

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Review: Too expensive to compete against AMD?

Both CPU feature a 73W envelope with the H55 rated at 5.2W. AMD CPUs have a lower TDP but the combination of 785G and SB750 does require more power. Surprisingly AMD has the lead in the idle power consumption, while of course Intel fares better under load. As we have shown, you can under-voltage AMD CPUs very well, so even AMD can be competitive in power-consumption. We have no included a second monitor to our scores, but here Intel leads with a surplus of only about 3W, compared to AMD which requires about 8W more for the second screen. With two screens both platforms consumes about the same power in idle. Please note that the i5-750 platform run on the MSI P55-GD65 platform with an HD 4850 installed.



In our performance/wattage check with Cinebench we see AMD is closer as thought, especially when under-voltaged. That is because standard boards do not waste power with features nobody needs, such as ten, twelve, sixteen or 32 phases and with less add-on chips.



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