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Scythe Setsugen GPU cooler tested - 4 HD4890

Written by Eliot Kucharik


Review: Even manages HD4890

The more interesting question is, whether this cooler can keep up with an HD 4890, which will suck up to 190W under full load. Of course we know now, in our case the cooler works much better when flipped, so the fan is blowing air onto the card. This is especially important because even the memory chips on the HD4890 get hot very easily. The fan remained at the lowest setting possible.

ATI Radeon 4890 idle:

ATI Radeon Setsugen blowing idle:

ATI Radeon 4890 3DMark2003:

ATI Radeon Setsugen blowing 3DMark2003:

ATI Radeon 4890 3DMark2006:

ATI Radeon Setsugen blowing 3DMark2006:

As you can expect, the Futuremark benchmark does cause the stock cooling of the HD4890 to sound like a vacuum cleaner, the Setsugen on the other hand, keeps running stable even with the lowest fan-setting.

ATI Radeon 4890 Furmark:

ATI Radeon Setsugen blowing Furmark:

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