Mystery GPU spotted in MediaTek tablet chip
Published in Graphics
06 April 2015

AMD? Probably not, but it's possible…

An upcoming MediaTek SoC has been spotted in GFXbench and this tablet-oriented chip has created a lot of speculation thanks to the choice of GPU. 

Mlais M52 Red Note review, hooray for commoditised Android
Published in Reviews
03 April 2015

$149 powerhouse fresh from Hong Kong

Chinese smartphones are going mainstream and western consumers are already familiar with brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE. 

Apple iPad is five years old
Published in Mobiles
03 April 2015

And is still Grot

In a 1970s comedy show The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin the lead character tried desperately to fail by going into a business which sold used cardboard boxes and square hola hoops.

Asus announces new GTX 970 Turbo graphics card
Published in Graphics
03 April 2015

GTX 970 with white blower fan cooler

In addition to the new GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition graphics card, Asus has unveiled yet another Nvidia GM204 Maxwell based graphics card, the white GTX 970 Turbo.

Leaked pictures everywhere
Published in Mobiles
03 April 2015

We were looking at real snaps

For a while there have been leaked images  of the upcoming HTC One M9 Plus and it has turned out that they are mostly right.

Intel forced to buy Altera
Published in News
03 April 2015

Or Wall Street will kick it to death

While there are some that do not believe that Intel will have to press ahead with its rumoured buy out of rival Altera, there are signs that it might not have a choice.

Guardian of the Galaxy makes killing
Published in Mobiles
03 April 2015

Samsung laughing all the way to the bank

While Samsung saw its January-March earnings slip for the sixth straight quarter, investors are expecting a rebound this year on healthy chip sales and high hopes for its Galaxy smartphones.

Tsar Putin spikes reviews for YotaPhone
Published in News
03 April 2015

He gets everywhere

Vladimir Putin's is trying make it look like the dual-screen YotaPhone is actually popular by spiking reviews.

Intel unleashes 750-series PCIe/NVMe SSD
Published in Memory
03 April 2015

Leaves SATA drives in the dust

Intel has launched new 750-series solid state drives, based on PCIe and NVMe interfaces, enabling substantially higher performance than the company’s SATA SSDs. 

AMD faces fraud charges
Published in Processors
02 April 2015

Llano should not have been Godot

AMD must face claims that it committed securities fraud by hiding problems with the bungled 2011 launch of Llano that eventually led to a $100 million writedown, a US court has decided.