Hey Cortana, Tell Me About Cyanogen
Published in Mobiles

Microsoft's relationship with Cyanogen never better.

More news involving Microsoft and Android. After Cortana became available for the platform as an app, Cyanogen has announced the virtual assistant's deep integration into its Android fork.

India gets Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Published in Wearables

Alcatel's affordable stunner up for grabs in India.

We love the design of Alcatel OneTouch Watch. It's beaten almost all of the more established players in that respect. After the announcement in Berlin a few weeks ago, it's now available for purchase.

iPad Pro doomed to disappoint
Published in Notebooks

The fates have spoken

Digitimes Research has been consulting the oracles and, after inspecting the liver of a particularly fat RAM, come to the conclusion that Apple's Surface Pro, sorry the iPad Pro, is doomed.

Xerox PARC creates chip, which self-destructs
Published in Processors

Say the word and it is dead

Engineers at Xerox PARC have developed a chip that will self-destruct upon command.

Nvidia's flaming shield has new "feature"
Published in Games

Released with a broken hard-drive

Nvidia, which is already reeling from having to recall its Shield consoles for getting a little too hot now has another problem.

Sony is not waterproof
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Will not guarantee you if you get it wet

All those adverts with pictures of a Sony in a glass of water might be a little misleading.

Smartwatches used to spy
Published in Wearables

Data leak

In another reason not to own a smartwatch, a team of boffins have turned them in to devices which can spy on their owners.

MediaTek LinkIt board enables smart DSLR remote
Published in Wearables

Trigger DSLR via SMS, Internet, GPS data too

Fudzilla started to follow the makers market around the inexpensive LinkIt boards and so far we saw some impressive projects.

iPhone 6S and 6S plus up for preorders
Published in Mobiles

USA, UK, Germany and a few others

Some of Apple's top markets got the chance to preorder the brand new iPhone and the first customers that just pre-ordered have a chance to get their devices after the September 25th.

EVGA announces new GTX 980 Ti FTW ACX 2.0+ graphics card
Published in Graphics

Fastest GTX 980 Ti next to K|NGP|N and Classified

EVGA has unveiled its newest Geforce GTX 980 Ti FTW ACX 2.0+ graphics cards that is dwarfed only by EVGA's GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N and Classified versions.