G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 hits 4795.8MHz on Skylake
Published in Memory
07 August 2015

Breaks the world record

It was just a matter of time before we see some records broken with the new Intel Skylake platform and G.Skill has announced that its Ripjaws 4 memory reached a rather impressive 4795.8MHz, which is the new frequency world record.

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron game mode revealed
Published in Games
07 August 2015

Gets you into A-Wing, X-Wing, TIEs and more

As teased earlier, DICE has unveiled a new Star Wars Battlefront game mode during Gamescom 2015, the Fighter Squadron mode.

EVGA announces its Z170 series motherboard lineup
Published in Motherboards
07 August 2015

Three motherboards for starters

Following Intel's launch of the Skylake platform, EVGA has announced its lineup which includes a total of three Intel Z170 chipset based motherboards.

Lenovo is global PC leader
Published in News
07 August 2015

Tablets dying

Beancounters at Canalys have added up all their numbers and divided by their shoe size to name Lenovo the biggest PC leader.

Apple spends a fortune protecting Cook
Published in News
07 August 2015

From what?

Fruity cargo cult Apple is so terrified that something bad will happen to its leader Tim Cook that it spends nearly $700,000 to protect him. 

Apple desperate to get into Android
Published in News
07 August 2015

Hiring Android staff

It seems that Android is doing something right and its rival Apple wants to copy it.

Six inch, 4K displays are here
Published in News
07 August 2015

Everdisplay provides 734 pixels per inch

Chinese AMOLED display maker Everdisplay has made a 6 inch, 4K display which it says is headed for VR gear. 

iTunes "illegal" in the UK
Published in News
07 August 2015

Something positive from daft High Court ruling

Fall out from a bizarre UK high court ruling could see Apple's iTunes banned from the country.

Monthly updates for Android
Published in Mobiles
07 August 2015

Google and Samsung agree

Google and Samsung have decided to release monthly security fixes for Android phones in a bid to cut the number of hack attacks.

Samsung ramps up in Vietnam
Published in Graphics
07 August 2015

$3 billion to boost display module production

A subsidiary of Samsung Electronics has written a cheque for $3 billion to boost display module production capacity in Vietnam.