Sony releases its developer's kit for Glasses
Published in Wearables
27 March 2015

Already cheaper than Google

Sony has released its developer's kit for its Glasses project.

HTC plans new 8.9 inch tablet
Published in Mobiles
27 March 2015

1530 x 2048 pixel resolution

HTC is planning to launch a new 8.9 inch tablet at its media event next month, new rumours suggest.

Qualcomm teams up with Microsoft
Published in Motherboards
27 March 2015

DragonBoard 410c development kit in the works

Qualcomm has teamed up with Microsoft's Windows 10 to create a DragonBoard 410c development kit.

TSMC faces weak smartphone chip demand
Published in Processors
27 March 2015

Blame the almighty dollar

The share value of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is falling faster than a team of free fall parachuting elephants who have forgotten to pack the key ingredient of their act.

Imagination -- there's no heaven
Published in Processors
27 March 2015

Sales muted

Smartphone chip designer Imagination Technologies has blamed "muted" sales, and poor timing of orders as the reason it would fall short of growth predictions for the year.

GameStop sales dry up
Published in News
27 March 2015

No one wants a new console

GameStop sales are drying up as gamers lose interest in the latest generation of consoles.

AMD Fiji has two GPUs
Published in Graphics
27 March 2015

Liquid VR and sources offer proof

It has been a while since we saw the first factual proof of the existence of Fiji, the next generation flagship AMD GPU, that will be the first graphics card to come with High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) memory.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus coming to Europe in May
Published in Mobiles
27 March 2015

€399 for killer spec phablet

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus is coming to Euroland, and the oversized quasi flagship launches are relatively attractive price point. 

Qualcomm and MediaTek reportedly shifting orders from TSMC
Published in Processors
27 March 2015

Looking for cheaper 28nm alternatives?

Qualcomm and MediaTek are reportedly shifting some of their orders from TSMC, in search of better pricing.

Micron and Intel ship 256Gb 3D NAND
Published in Memory
27 March 2015

Toshiba and SanDisk start sampling 48-layer 128Gb chips

Micron and Intel have announced the availability of 256Gb NAND, the world’s highest density flash memory, but Toshiba is hot on their heels.