Uber set to succumb to Softbank offer
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No kidding

Late on Friday, because these kind of things all happen on Friday, it seems that mighty Japanese giant Softbank is seeking to acquire taxi company Uber.

According to Reuters, Softbank will pay a small fortune to buy into the controversial "hail and ride" firm.  

Uber has been criticised across the world for its policies, which differ from state to state. Softbank could throw billions into acquiring the company. As you read here on Fudzilla, first, Uber has invested gazillions into "smartcar" technology.

There are certain logistical problems with "smart cars" which ought to give Softbank food for thought.

But as Softbank has gazillions of dollars in the bank, it probably thought, "well let's go for it".



Smartphones kill
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Opinion Pedestrians go bananas

Trust us, we're journalists...

G.Skill unveils low-latency DDR4-4266MHz 32GB kit
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Part of the Trident Z RGB lineup

G.Skill has announced yet another member of its Trident Z RGB memory kit lineup, the 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-4266 memory kit running at tight CL17 latency.

Qualcomm 7nm made by TSMC
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The one after Snapdragon 845

Korean based Etnews has mentioned that Qualcomm 7nm manufacturing has been a big win for TSMC while two other US and China customers chose Samsung’s 7nm. TSMC traditionially have dibs on Nvidia and MediaTek too. 

EVGA Z370 Micro motherboard now available
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Small but with plenty of features

EVGA's mATX form-factor motherboard based on Intel's Z370 chipset has finally become available, the Z370 Micro.

Building a chip to resist the fires of Venus
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Not even a Nvidia chip gets that hot

NASA boffins are working on a chip which can handle the superheated, globally warmed heat of Venus.

Half of GitHub is duplicated code
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Researchers shocked

More than 70 percent of code stored in GitHub is duplicated, a study has found.

European workers revolt on Amazon’s big day
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Amazon thinks it can manage

Amazon workers in Italy and German know when it is a good day to make their demands noticed – they've called a strike on the company’s busiest day.

Galax/KFA2 shows their SNPR GTX 1060 external GPU
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With custom GTX 1060 inside

Galax/KFA2 have rather surprisingly unveiled its external graphics card device which comes with a custom GTX 1060 6GB insides, GALAX SNPR External Graphics Enclosure With GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

MediaTek releases new MT2621 chipset
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First dual-mode SOC for IoT

MediaTek has announced its newest chipset which it claims is the industry’s first dual-mode System-on-Chip (SoC) designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications with both narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) Release 14 (R14) and GSM/GPRS connectivity.