Bloke sends back MacBook for being too thin
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Bent too easily

A British bloke thought he was onto a winner when he paid a reasonable price for an Apple MacBook on eBay. Paul Barrington, 38, paid £300 for the MacBook which normally costs £1,500 when bought new.

Samsung takes out its Tizen based camera
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Takes pictures when you sneeze

Samsung is showing off its new camera with its open saucy operating system which sounds like a sneeze, Tizen.

BT confirms EE deal
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05 February 2015

BT confirms EE deal

We can finally offer some services 

British Telecom has confirmed that it will be writing a £12.5 billion cheque to buy EE from Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

Boffins build silicene transistors
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That is not a spelling mistake 

Although it is has only recently been just theoretical, human-made silicene is now being touted as the next big thing for computers.

Intel delays silicon photonics technology
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Not up to snuff

Intel has delayed shipment of a component module required for its silicon photonics technology, because they are not meeting quality specifications.

TSMC will be Apple ready soon
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16nm chips for the A10 processor

TSMC will have its backend integrated fan-out (InFO) wafer-level packaging (WLP) technology ready for 16nm chips soon in the hope it can attract orders for Apple's A10 processors.

Cisco sees wearable takeover
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Network bra is back

For a while in the 90s there was a long running gag about a network bra, and wireless underpants on technology magazines, it sort of filled the role of Internet fridge as stupid uses of technology which would never happen.

Intel buys more into the Internet of Things
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Things are not what they used to be

Chipzilla has announced plans to buy Lantiq, a German broadband and networking gear company.

Lenovo looks to be the king of MWC
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Leaks show something rather nice

Leaks from China show that HTC and Samsung may not be the belles of the next Mobile World Congress.

Nvidia mobile G-Sync will work without new hardware
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Laptops will be cooler

Nvidia's G-Sync technology, which synchronizes frame refresh times with the refresh rate of a compatible monitor, it comes at a price, though, because G-Sync only works with monitors have special hardware.