Eggs make Eggceptional batteries
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You must be yoking

MIT has shelled out research on egg-like aluminum nanoparticles which they think is eggsactly what the doctor ordered for longer battery life.

Lenovo is global PC leader
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Tablets dying

Beancounters at Canalys have added up all their numbers and divided by their shoe size to name Lenovo the biggest PC leader.

Apple spends a fortune protecting Cook
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From what?

Fruity cargo cult Apple is so terrified that something bad will happen to its leader Tim Cook that it spends nearly $700,000 to protect him. 

Apple desperate to get into Android
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Hiring Android staff

It seems that Android is doing something right and its rival Apple wants to copy it.

Six inch, 4K displays are here
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Everdisplay provides 734 pixels per inch

Chinese AMOLED display maker Everdisplay has made a 6 inch, 4K display which it says is headed for VR gear. 

iTunes "illegal" in the UK
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Something positive from daft High Court ruling

Fall out from a bizarre UK high court ruling could see Apple's iTunes banned from the country.

Monthly updates for Android
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Google and Samsung agree

Google and Samsung have decided to release monthly security fixes for Android phones in a bid to cut the number of hack attacks.

Samsung ramps up in Vietnam
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$3 billion to boost display module production

A subsidiary of Samsung Electronics has written a cheque for $3 billion to boost display module production capacity in Vietnam.

Noel Edmonds worries about electro smog
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After he has caused so much of it

UK telly icon Noel Edmonds, who gave the world Mr Blobby,  has been going public about the perils of "electro smog." 

Tsar Putin protects Zeus
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Pagan gods put faith in Russian Orthodox 

It seems that Russian Tsar Putin swings both ways – on one hand he is a rabid gay-hating Russian Orthodox on the other he is protecting a bloke who made Zeus a household name.