Five stupid thieves arrested in daring $590,000 iPhone heist
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That is only about a dozen phones

Five extremely stupid Romanians carried out a daring raid from a moving truck to steal $590,000 worth of iPhones.

Nvidia creates external GPU
Published in Graphics

Liked AMD's version so much it thought it would invent it too

AMD attracted a bit of attention when it showed off it external GPU system a while back – so much good press it appeared that Nvidia thought "we should have something like that".

BT offers $778 million to sort out rural broadband
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For 10Mbps target

BT has offered to invest up to 600 million English pounds ($778 million in green backs ) to provide faster broadband services to remote parts of the country.

Chipzilla is no longer king
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We now must submit to our new Samsung overlord

After 20 years of being the number chipmaker, Intel is no longer  the top monster.

Apple surrenders and agrees to pay Nokia
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Pays $2 billion that it owed.

It appears that all that rubbish that Apple spouted about the former rubber boot maker Nokia was completely untrue and the fruity-cargo cult has written a cheque for $2 billion dollars to provide the Finns with the money they are owed.

Windows Subsystem for Linux is out of beta
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Vole goes cross platform

Early adopters on the Windows Insider program will notice that Windows Subsystem for Linux is no longer marked as a beta feature as of Insider build 16251.

Apple helps Chinese spy on fanboys
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What are friends for?

The fruity-cargo cult Apple has aligned itself with the Chinese government against its users.

Flash needs to be open sauce
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Otherwise a lot of history will disappear

A petition is asking Adobe to release Flash into the hands of the open-source community.

Threadripper starts appearing
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One bloke hacks into his with a razor blade 

AMD has started to make its Threadripper processors available in pre-built machines, at least in the US.

Sharp is back to black
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Thanks to Foxcon cost-cutting

The troubled Japanese tech outift Sharp reported its third consecutive quarter of net profit staying on track to achieve its first annual profit in four years following a cost cutting drive under Foxconn.