Intel slashes forecast
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Blames small businesses

Chipzilla has slashed a $1 billion from its first-quarter revenue forecast claiming that small businesses put off upgrading their personal computers. 

Why Linux is still not ready for desktop
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Nothing ever changes

Every three years I install Linux and see if it is ready for prime time yet, and every three years I am disappointed. What is so disappointing is not so much that the operating system is bad, it has never been, it is just that who ever designs it refuses to think of the user.

Wearables will bring substrate problems
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SiP packaging is the next big thing, or not

Analysts at iConnect are warning that while the IC substrate market in 2015 should be happy at the rise of wearables, there are some problems in the industry. 

Chipzilla announces Xeon SoC
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Xeon D is aimed at servers

Chipzilla has announced details of its first Xeon system on chip (SoC) which will become the new the Xeon D 1500 processor family. 

Electro-magnetic leakage could be new security hole
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Your memory is leaking

Google researchers have found that electromagnetic leakage can he used to break into computer systems. 

Google's accounts bloke quits
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Goes backpacking

The bloke who is in charge of Google's money has suddenly designed to “sod this for a game of soldiers” and gone backpacking. 

Facebook “owner” now a fugitive
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Not him, the other one

The bloke who once claimed to own half of Facebook is now on the run from the cops. 

Apple blames servers for outage
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Networking skills showing

Apple's legendary ability to build super secure robust networks which are the envey of every serious networking company in the world came to the fore this week. 

Notebook shipments fall
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Major suppliers lose out

Notebook shipments declined 13 per cent in February, affected by reduced work days in the month, high inventory levels of consumer models left over from the previous year.

Half the UK population will own a tablet
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But will not know why

The writing is well and truly on the wall for the “game changing” tablet.