Oracle wants a piece of Android
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Break off a kitt-kat 

Database outfit Oracle's moves to try and copyright APIs appear to be part of an attempt for Oracle to make money on Android.

LG faces Google  takeover rumours as profits triple
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Daft ideas of our time

We feel sorry for LG. Just as it announced that its display business had a stonking operating profit for the April-June quarter nearly tripled from a year earlier it was overshadowed by a rumour of a takeover from Google.

Tsinghua still wants Micron
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Climb every mountain

China's Tsinghua Holdings is still hoping that it can by the US chipmaker Micron, despite offering a price which is too low and for a deal that might be blocked by security watchdogs.

Qualcomm mulls break-up and announces staff cuts
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We hate to say we told you so

Chipmaker Qualcomm is considering breaking itself up and firing 4000 people, which is exactly what our source said it would do last week.

AMD tapes out FinFET
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Or tapedon fins

AMD has taped out its first FinFET chips.

TSMC might test EUV on 7nm
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Scanners not ready for UltraViolet 

TSMC has talking about using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography for its advanced 10nm process technology but it does not look like it will happen, however it might be ready for 7nm.

ARM being dragged down by Apple
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Too close for shareholders

Investors in ARM are deeply worried about its close relationship to the fruity cargo cult Apple.

Samsung puts 10nm FinFET in roadmap
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Don't jump to TSMC

Samsung has put 10nm FinFET in its roadmap to stop its customers migrating to TSMC.

Microsoft´s Q2 canned by Nokia write-off
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Worst quarter result in ages

Microsoft presented an awful financial report for its fiscal fourth quarter which showed its Nokia right off and poor software sales.

We were right Apple results are grim
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Tame Apple Press is spinning like a mad thing

Yesterday we warned the Tame Apple Press would be spinning what were expected to be bad results and we were right.