Multi-channel wi-fi antennas are good to go
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For higher density wi-fi networks

Edgewater Wireless Systems has teamed up with  Galtronics to produce what they have called the world's first antenna solution designed specifically for multi-channel wi-fi products.

Macronix comes up with new 3D NAND structure
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Single-gate vertical channel (SGVC)

Macronix is releasing details of a new 3D NAND structure, called single-gate vertical channel (SGVC).

Quantum Dot makes colour conversion breakthrough
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Opens the door to low cost, ultra-thin and flexible displays

Nanosys and DIC today announced a breakthrough in inkjet-printed Quantum Dot colour conversion devices for LCD and emissive displays which they claim will pave the way to the $12.6 billion anticipated market for low cost, ultra-thin and flexible displays.

Broadcom prepares for board room battle for Qualcomm
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Hostile bid begins

Chipmaker Broadcom will take its first formal step on Monday toward a hostile bid to take over Qualcomm and will unveiling nominees who Qualcomm shareholders can vote on to replace the US semiconductor company’s board of directors.

Apple’s Intel iPhone X much slower than Qualcomm models
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Users pay for Apple’s spat

Apple users are having to pay in terms of performance if they are stuck with an iPhone X with an Intel modem.

Epic in hot water for suing a 14 year old
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Named him too

Gaming outfit Epic is trying to sue a 14 year old boy for cheating in its games and while the outfit is right to be hard on cheats, it might have bitten off more than it can chew in this case.

French stop surrendering to Apple
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Peasants fed up with being told to eat gateau

It seems that French peasants are revolting at the way that the fruity cargo cult - Apple - is being allowed to avoid paying tax while they are being told to eat cake.

Now Dell joins in Intel's ME purge
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It is not just open sourcers who hate Intel's chip

One of Intel's key high-profile suppliers, Dell-EMC, is to purge the Intel Management Engine from its machines.

Google’s AI builds better AI
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We don’t need no humans

In a sign that eventually machines will outclass humanity, Google’s AI has managed to create an AI that is better than anything a human designed.

Watchdog warns Brits about using Kaspersky
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Great product wrecked by Russian links

Arguably one of the best antivirus products has been effectively hamstrung in the US because it is claimed it has close ties to Russian spooks.  Now Britain’s cybersecurity agency has warned government departments not to use Kaspersky Lab products amid concerns about Russian snooping.