Seagate and Amazon team up on cloud/hard-drive combo
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Hard drive backs up to the cloud

Hard drive maker Seagate has teamed up withy Amazon to create a $99 1TB external hard drive that automatically backs up everything stored on it to the cloud.

PC shipments pulling out of the tarpit
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Latest IDC report

While PC shipments are set to decline in 2016, beancounters at IDC think that the drop will be better than expected and there will be an improvement in 2017.

No Man’s Sky cleared of false advertising
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Screenshots did not end up in the launch

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cleared Hello Games of misleading advertising allegations for its No Man’s Sky game.

AMD promises a Zen sneak peek on December 13
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It will be streamed

While waiting for Zen is remarkably like waiting for Godot, we have just been told that AMD will be holding a sneak peek of its high-performance Zen CPU on 13 December.

Meizu aims to fill Note 7 void
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Pro 6 Plus, is the same only it does not melt

Chinese manufacturer Meizu has just announced the Pro 6 Plus, a larger, more powerful version its Pro 6 and the whole thing appears to be plugging a gap left by Samsung's "not so magnificant" Note 7.

Trump’s protectionism will help Taiwan manufacturers
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Quanta rubs its palms with glee

One of the ironic spin offs of US President-elect Donald “Prince of Orange” Trump’s protectionism plans are they will help the very companies he is trying to shut out of the US.

Amazon worker does a Foxconn
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12 stories without a safety net

An angry Amazon employee sent an email to hundreds of co-workers, including Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos before flinging himself off Amazon’s 12-story Apollo building.

Apple’s Boot Camp fries MacBook Pro’s new speakers
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Quality that only money can buy

Apple’s expensive new MacBook Pros are shipping with an expensive feature which causes the pricey speakers in the machines to self-destruct.

Pixel predicted to sell six million
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Will make Google a cool billion

Beancounters at Morgan Stanley have added up some numbers and divided by their shoe size and worked out that 5-6 million of Pixel and Pixel XL mobiles will be sold this year.

Honor 8 is sell out
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29 November 2016

Honor 8 is sell out

Discounting and sales clear the shelves 

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Honor,flogged all of its 40,000 UK units of the Honor 8 in just hours.