Kaspersky withdraws Microsoft antitrust complaint
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Vole agrees to change how it delivers security updates to Windows users

Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab has withdrawn antitrust complaints against Microsoft.

Toshiba avoids delisting
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Auditor signs off on financial results

Toshiba has  avoided immediate delisting after its auditor signed off on its financial results albeit with criticism of its governance.

Assange wants fired Google employee to work for him
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Birds of a feather in Wikileaks

Feeling he is not in the media enough again, Julian Assange has offered the Google developer James Damore a job in Wikileaks.

Google cuts SSD cloud prices
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Cheaper faster cloud

Google is cutting the price for high speed storage attached to its cloud virtual machines.

Big Blue has a deep learning breakthough
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Slashes processing time

Big Blue Boffins claim to have developed technology that dramatically cuts the time it takes to crunch massive amounts of data and then come up with useful insights.

Disney walks away from Netflix
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Starts its own mickey mouse outfit 

Disney announced today that it will end its distribution deal with Netflix and launch its own streaming service in 2019.

Illinois worried about Fox-con
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It will be 25 years before there are any benefits

The “great deal” which would see Foxconn open a show factory in the US is laced with so many sweeteners it looks like it will be a quarter of century before Illinois will see any benefit.

Samsung sings of the Galaxy Note 8
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Has a roadmap and a tank full of gas

Samsung Electronics has decided on a roadmap for Galaxy Note 8 sales which apparently does not involve fire.

Foxconn admits new iPhone will be expensive
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A $1,000 is pretty close  after all

While the Tame Apple Press is doing its best to flog the iPhone 8 before it hits the shops, it might find that the price might be a snag.

Paypal’s Peter Thiel gives up on Donald Trump
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Incompetent and headed towards a disaster

Friend to the free press, Peter Thiel, was one of the few Silicon Valley supporters of President Trump but now is doing his best to distance himself from the Prince of Orange.