Overpriced Android One In Europe
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Cheap phones meant for the Philippines to be sold in Spain.

Google has no confidence in the economic recovery of Spain and Portugal, nor in the purchasing power of the two countries' population. The company has decided to bring its low cost Android One initiative to these European markets. The catch is that the first phone to arrive is way too expensive.

Amazon Improved the Fire Tablets
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The sizes are increasing, pricing still affordable.

It's time for Amazon to launch the updated family of Fire tablets and boy are they ever. There are now a six-incher, and 7, 8 and a 10.1 inch version. The interface is more logical and content deals are better than ever.

Toshiba Launches Affordable 10" Two-in-one
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Great, affordable alternative to Chinese tablet-laptops.

Toshiba is showing real awareness of the changing market reality and has launched an affordable two in one. The machine is very well specced, comes with a keyboard and you don't need to sell a kidney to get it with 64 GB of storage.

Timex Acquires Inspiration From Withings
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Timex analog activity tracking watch is a version of Withings Activite.

Traditional watch makers are still looking for the perfect formula for staying relevant in the era of the smartwatch. Analog activity tracking is one good idea and Timex is trying it out with Metropolitan+.

India gets Alcatel OneTouch Watch
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Alcatel's affordable stunner up for grabs in India.

We love the design of Alcatel OneTouch Watch. It's beaten almost all of the more established players in that respect. After the announcement in Berlin a few weeks ago, it's now available for purchase.

Dell XPS 12 2015 Edition
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11 September 2015

Dell XPS 12 2015 Edition

XPS 12 is now a two-piece shapeshifter.

Dell is on a roll with new Windows tablets. The Venue 8 5000 is coming soon and now we find out that so is the 2015 edition of the XPS 12.

Dell Venue 8 refresh comes soon
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Packs Atom X5 8500 and Full HD screen

Dell Venue 8 family of tablets has been one of the more interesting offerings since it was launched, two years ago. Now Dell is about to launch the updated Venue 8 5000 and it looks like a winner.

Phones With 6GB RAM Incoming
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6GB of RAM to enable real phone productivity.

Moore's law may not hold true in processor tech any more, but memory chips keep getting denser, bigger, faster.

Samsung's New Multi-Room Speakers
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A new family of multidirectional multi-room speakers

Samsung never shied away from making their products obsolete by launching new versions before the dust has even settled on the previous generation. The best smartwatch from the company was introduced in Berlin. Now it's time for home audio.

LG Launches More OLED HDR TV Stunners
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OLED, 4K, HDR, 4.8mm thin. Ingredients for awesome.

After several years of basically no news, the TV market is exciting again. LG wants to be a leader of the pack and they've announced several amazing new products in the 4K OLED HDR TV lineup.