MediaTek says Helio P10 to thinner 5000 mAh phones
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Helio is it MAh you are looking for?

MediaTek has announced a P10 mainstream chip with the original title "Helio P10" which runs on a thinner 5000 mAh battery than any mainstream phone near you. 

Nvidia Tegra chips in 30 million cars
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Nvidia CEO drives on about automotive 

Jen-Hsun Huang confirmed in company's financial Q2 conference call that the Tegra found its way under the bonnet of 30 million cars. 

Geforce saved Nvidia's Q2 finance
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Automotive helped 

Nvidia just announced its financial Q2 2016 scores and they are better than anyone expected, thanks mostly to a sterling performance from Geforce. 

Snapdragon 820 has 14nm custom core
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Shipping in devices in early 2016

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 820 will have a 14nm custom core and break with tradition and come out early next year.

AMD's Coherent data fabric enables 100 GB/s
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PCIe gives you 15GB/s

After a lot of asking around, we can give you some actual numbers about the AMD's coherent fabric. 

Our Windows 10 upgrade worked after third attempt
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Need to do the indexing again

Our windows 10 upgrade story has a happy end but but businesses be warned. 

Windows 10 fails when updating
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Can be uninstalled so it is easy enough

Here at Fudzilla we just dared to upgrade one of our main computers from WIndows 7 to Windows 10 and of course it failed on us. 

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook launched
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11 inch Windows 10 notebook for $169 / €269

Microsoft is getting serious in its fight against Chromebooks and has just announced the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook. 

Intel launches desktop Core i7 6700K Skylake
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Core i5 6600K and Z170 boards also seen in the wild

Intel has just announced its first products based on the Skylake 14nm technology and we have met two of them.

HTC M9 to get Android 5.1 in EMEA
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US has had it for a month now

The tables have turned and the US got the Android 5.1 update for the HTC M9 flagship phone before Europe.