AMD says the future of Mantle is DirectX 12
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Focus on DirectX 12 instead

It looks like the Mantle API developed by AMD is slowly reaching its end of its useful life.

Braswell 14nm Atom graphics supports DirectX 12
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4K times 2K resolution too

Braswell 14nm Atom is coming to notebooks / netbooks in Q3 2015, with a new iGPU in tow. 

Windows 10 gets Cortana, new Start menu
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New Preview Release 9926 tested

After Windows 8's lack of success and Windows 8.1 being a bandaid on a slit throat, Microsoft seems to have come back with something rather good for Windows 10.. 

Windows 10 preview runs DirectX 12
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare runs on Intel HD 5000

We spent most of the day tinkering with the Windows 10 preview release, Build 9926, which is the latest build that brings a few new things, including the Cortana voice assistant and DirectX 12. 

DirectX 12 will run most current GPUs just fine
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Latest GPUs only needed to unlock the full potential

Microsoft said during the Windows 10 demo that most current graphics cards or those defined as DirectX 11/11.1 cards will take advantage of a great number of the DirectX 12 features, but if you want to unlock he full potential of DirectX 12, you will need a graphics card that is a true DirectX 12 card with a DirectX 12 capable GPU.

AMD said it “misspoke”

And henceforth the polar bears rejoiced

AMD scores some big titles, including GTA V

Johan Andersson talks Mantle in Battlefield 4

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