Revamped Avatars coming for Xbox One
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Better graphics and more functionality

While Microsoft has more planned improvements coming for the user interface on the Xbox One, the company is also planning new Avatars to take advantage of the new hardware.

VR headset well into development
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Microsoft is targeting production for 2015

While we can’t get a real handle on when Microsoft might reveal the VR headset that they have had in development, we have learned from our sources that it is well into development and some selected developers already have developmental prototypes.

Xbox One developers have access to 7th core
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May require cuts to Kinect voice commands

A leak from the Xbox One Software Development Kit that was revealed by H4LT, indicates that developers have access to a seventh core on the Xbox One that is normally reserved for Kinect and voice command features.

Is being released for about everything else

02 December 2014

Xbox One beats PS4 bad

Black Friday sales go to Microsoft

Again only one new offering for Xbox One

Celebrating one year anniversary of the console

Has outsold the PS4 in the US the last two weeks

More than 50+ bugs reported so far

Custom backgrounds & Twitter integration