Samsung sees 60 per cent of Note 7 phones returned
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In South Korea and the United States

Samsung says that it has got back more than 60 percent of recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in South Korea and the United States.

Samsung jacks up its memory
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Thanks for the memories

Samsung is about to jack 6 MB of RAM under the bonnet of a midrange phone.

Some high-profile exploding Note 7 cases are bogus
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Nearly a third are are made up

Earlier this week we upset a lot of people by questioning how many of these so called exploding Samsung Note 7 cases were true. Samsung said that so far it has had 26 high profile cases which have proved to be false.

Mediatek might have won low-end Samsung orders
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Rumoured to be headed for Tizen

Mediatek has appeared to have confirmed a long standing rumour that Samsung is sourcing processors from MediaTek for its low-end devices, particularly its Tizen-powered handsets.

Apple attempts to get a Seoul
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Adopts missionary position in Samsung's home ground

The fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple has decided that it can open one of its consumer cathedrals in Samsung’s heartland.

Is the Note 7 overheating a conspiracy?
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Are all these "exploding" Note 7 cases real?

A recent case in China has suddenly made the case of the “exploding” Galaxy Note 7s look like a conspiracy.

Samsung 7 recall failing
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15 September 2016

Samsung 7 recall failing

Users don’t want to let them go

Despite all the horror stories in the Tame Apple Press, and the fact the product is having a recall, Samsung Note 7 owners are not handing over their machines.

US Samsung Note 7 bans aimed at protecting Apple
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Koreans think it is an over reaction

Korean experts are getting a little miffed at the way that the US government is handling Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall and is starting to suspect that it is an attempt to protect Apple.

Samsung is cursed
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14 September 2016

Samsung is cursed

The Gods have spoken and the ground shakes

Samsung appears to have hacked off the gods – first its Note 7 batteries start exploding and now the ground is literally being pulled from under its feet.

Samsung in talks for graphics tech from Nvidia and AMD
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Wants a graphics core

AMD and Nvidia are apparently in a scrap to provide Samsung with a graphics core for its custom CPU.