Apple has murdered the tablet market
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Wins the holiday season

The tablet market has been suffering lately as people woke up to the concept that they were largely pointless, but it is starting to look like the outfit which started the Tablet craze might have had a hand in bumping it off.

Meizu M1 Note shamelessly copies iPhone 5C
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Packs Mediatek octa-core and 1080p screen for $160

Meizu has a tradition of emulating Apple’s industrial design and now it has launched a phone inspired by the controversial iPhone 5C.

GT will sell sapphire furnaces
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Will give money to Apple

GT Advanced Technologies is flogging its sapphire furnaces and will pay former partner, Apple a portion of the cash it gets from the sale. The furnaces were installed to make sapphire glass for Apple, which loaned GT Advanced $439 million for the project.

Consumers already bored of Apple’s watch
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Vapourware interest has peaked

It appears that Apple waited too long and relied too much on the press to keep interest in its iWatch vapourware product going. 

Apple copies Microsoft security system
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A decade too late

The fruity cargo cult Apple has done what Microsoft has been doing for years – pushing out security updates. It seems that Apple has just discovered the technique which the Tame Apple Press is trying to explain as something “super”, “cool” and “original.”

BBC battered for daring to expose Apple
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Tame Apple press has a field day

The Tame Apple Press is attacking the BBC for using real journalism to prove that Apple has not been exactly telling the truth over how it allows its contractors to treat workers.

I really think so

Japan, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has asked the fruity cargo cult Apple to set up a technical development centre in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nothing like an iPhone

Lets see it dodge a hammer