AMD Dooms Nvidia in benchmarks
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A 4K thrashing

AMD has apparently given Nvidia a good thrashing at 4K in early benchmarks of Doom.

AMD rolls out new Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2 drivers
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Optimized for DirectX 12 Ashes of the Singularity Benchmark 2.0

AMD has released its latest Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2 drivers update which has all the performance optimizations for the newest DirectX 12 Ashes of the Singularity Benchmark 2.0 as well as Rise of the Tomb Raider game and brings a couple of new Crossfire Profiles and has several resolved issues.

AMD doomed to hit new lows
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It will just get worse

AMD is expected to lose more ground to Nvidia and have a terrible year – at least before Zen comes out.

AMD wants to get into gambling
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Stakes are high

AMD is pushing its new graphics-focused G-series processing chips to create 4K gaming machines.

AMD's Roy Taylor teases R9 Fury X2 system for developers
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VR and DirectX 12 ready PCs stacked on shelves

AMD's Roy Taylor has been known to use its razor sharp marketing skills to tease the upcoming products and now he took to Twitter to show a shelf fully stacked with "console-sized" Falcon Northwest Tiki PCs with Radeon Technologies Group and AMD badge.

Intel processors will support Clang
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Cannonlake reacts to Zen

Intel has announced that its Cannonlake processors will support Clang (C language family frontend for LLVM compiler infrastructure project).

AMD teams up with Associated Press for VR journalism
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AP to use AMD Radeon to render VR environments

AMD has announced that it has joined up with The Associated Press in order to create a new virtual reality experience channel and what is described as next-generation journalism.

AMD announces new Hitman bundle
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Bundles it with Radeon R9 390 series and FX-series CPUs

AMD has just announced its new promotion which bundles the new Hitman game with its Radeon 390 series graphics cards and FX-series 6-core and 8-core CPUs.

Radeon Software Beta for Vulkan
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The needs of the many still rest on DX12

AMD has released the first public beta driver which supports  the Vulkan API – a royalty-free, open standard API spec which provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to graphics and compute on GPUs. 

Khronos Group releases Vulkan 1.0 API
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Full hard launch

The Khronos Group has now officially released the Vulkan 1.0 API, including all the specifications, conformance tests, SDKs and all other resources.