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Radeon 3850 256MB to sell for sub ?170

by on14 November 2007


The pressure is on

ATI decided to focus on the RV670 PRO boards codenamed Revival, as it symbolize ATI's coming back. Mr Bergman and Byrne, the two senior VP chaps responsible for AMD's graphics parts played an interesting game where they wanted to have a bunch of cards available, at an affordable price. That is how the RV670PRO Revival board was born and Gladiator which is the XT gets a bit less attention at launch.

This is why the Revival boards with 256MB of DDR3 has a higher priority, as ATI can simply pump out these in volume. We heard that ATI should not suffer from any shortages, but some partners are being weird about sampling.

XFX just pre-announced its 8800GT 256MB that will be faster than the 3850, but some €30 to €40 more expensive and most importantly, likely to be heavily unavailable. ATI sales depends heavily on Nvidia, as it doesn’t look like Nvidia can cope with the high G92 demand, but we have been surprised before.

An overclocked Radeon 3850 scores some one thousand points less than the 8800GT 512 MB at default clock, but should end up some €80 cheaper.

The real battle is still 8800GT 512MB vs. Radeon 3870 where performance wise Nvidia wins again, but ATI should be able to deliver more.

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