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OCZ Sandforce SSDs to be available soon

by on05 March 2010


Cebit 2010: In April

is expecting to have its entire Sandforce based SSD lineup in stores sometime in April.

As we wrote before, the Vertex Limited Edition is already selling in Europe and as you know OCZ made only 5000 units and after all of these are sold, Vertex LE will simply disappear from the market. The rest of the drives, like Agility 2 and the Vertex 2 will continue the legacy and OCZ is aiming to get these into shops sometime in April.

Some shops might get it in early April, and some a bit later, but we are pretty sure that OCZ will be the first company that will have Sandforce based drives on the market. After all, the Vertex LE is already available.


Last modified on 05 March 2010
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