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Intel is happy about Nvidia´s Ray Tracing

by on24 August 2008


The more the merrier

We had
a chance to sit down and have a nice little chat with Intel's Daniel Pohl, who is currently working as a research scientist for Intel's ray tracing research department. As you may already know, Nvidia decided to show some ray tracing at this year's Siggraph show, and Intel is apparently quite happy about it.

Intel people are pleased with the fact that Nvidia decided to seriously go for ray tracing which is done on their new Quadro Plex 2100 D4 Visual Computing System (VCS) with four Quadro GPU's. On the other hand, Intel is doing ray tracing on its CPUs, or to be precise four of them, with a total of 24 cores working at 2.66GHz.

According to Intel, the situation for ray tracing is quite good, and Intel is showing their first video to the game and software developers which are mostly interested in it. Intel's stand on Nvidia's ray tracing show is pretty much logical, as ray tracing will apparently become more and more popular and the process will be much more easier if more companies join in the fun.

The more the merrier is what Intel will tell you if you ask them about Nvidia's ray tracing demo.

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