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Heartless Apple sues over school logo

by on06 October 2008


All the apples in the world belong to Steve Jobs

If you
wanted more proof that Apple hates everyone and does not care what people think, the toymaker has decided to unleash its legal hounds on a small Vancouver Island computer school.

Apple claims that the two companies' logos are too similar and that the Victoria School of Business should give up its apple-shaped logo.

Dieter Gerhard, the school's President, said the school was shocked by the antics of Apple. Apple has used its logo with a stylized bite out of its right side for 30 years. Victoria Business School's apple logo has been around for only three years.

It would take a stretch of the imagination to find them similar. Victoria Business School’s design has a mountain and has three bumps on top instead of the two used by Apple.

It seems that Jobs’ Mob is now claiming that any images of apples belong to it.

Check it out here.
Last modified on 07 October 2008
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