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Cartier sues Apple

by on25 May 2009


Time for a change


Self-proclaimed innovator Apple was sued by luxury watchmaker Cartier for nicking its design. A pair of applications available on its App Store called Fake Watch and Fake Watch Gold Edition give people the ability to tell time on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a display that simulates famous wristwatches.

What got up Cartier's nose was that the Apple Application used the face of one of its most famous designs. The apps are made by Digitopolis Game Studio was not named in the lawsuit, presumably because they didn't have enough dosh.

It took 24 hours before Apple pulled the application from its Application Store, clearly having a look at it and realising that it broke every trademark law criteria its lawyer could think off.

Cartier decided to withdraw the suit after Apple removed the apps from the store. For the first time it seemed that someone suing Apple was not after some of the outfit's cash and was really defending its trademark.

Apple of course have said nothing about it.

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