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British boffin wants to take on Google'

by on10 March 2009


Super powerful search


A British boffin says he has come up with a new search engine that can beat Google at its own game. Physicist Stephen Wolfram said that his company, Wolfram Research, is preparing to unveil the system in two months' time.

The Wolfram Alpha, the site is an attempt to address some of the deficiencies of current web search by understanding people's questions and answering them directly. His system claims to understand questions that users input and then calculates the answers based on its extensive mathematical and scientific engine.

This is a bit of a holy grail for computer scientists and Wolfram claims he has cracked it. He said humans normally communicate is through natural language and that is the only realistic option for communicating with computers too," he wrote.

Other search engines, such as Google, compare search terms against billions of documents stored on its servers, before pointing to the pages on which the correct answer is probably kept.

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