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Toxic health supplement flogged online

by on19 January 2009


Fangocur warning

A mineral drink
as toxic as Britney Spears is being flogged online with authorities finding it difficult to stop. The Italian Ministry of Labour and Health has found that Fangocur is packed full of goodies such as  arsenic, lead and thallium.

Symptoms from drinking the potion include dizziness, loss of concentration, palpitations and stomach cramps.  If you want these symptoms you can buy it here but we can't obviously recommend it.

Over time the heavy metals accumulate slowly and progressively in your bone, liver, kidney, central nervous system, and adipose tissue  and could kill you. What worries the Italian authorities is that if it was sold in a shop, they could swoop on the place, shut it down and arrest the people selling it. 

However online it is a bit of a tricky operation. For the moment they are warning everyone they can find not to touch it with a 10 foot piece of linguine.
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