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Haswell refresh price list leaked

Ten upcoming parts priced

Haswell refresh is just weeks away and it appears that most of them will end up with a 100MHz clock bump. Don't expect much in the way of new features and tweaks - this is still essentially a one-year-old architecture and Intel doesn't do miracles.

According to CPU World, which dug up a Haswell refresh price list on ShopBLT, almost all of the chips will get a 100MHz base clock bump and boost clocks will be increased by 100MHz, too.

The prices aren't surprising, either.

The entry level Celeron G1840 is priced at $47.50, followed by the G1850 at $59. Two Pentiums are in the mix, the G3240 and G3440, priced at $70 and $90 respectively.

Three new Core i3 SKUs are coming, priced between $132 and $166. The Core i5 4590 and Core i 5 4690 will cost $213 and $235 respectively. The lone Core i7 part is the i7 4790, priced at $326.50.

The chips should go on sale sometime in Q2, but we are not entirely sure when.

Preorder prices of Haswell-R desktop CPUs

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