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Comcast wants to annoy P2P users with pop-ups

by on07 August 2013

Better than switching them off

Comcast has a plan to annoy people who might be downloading illegal content with pop-ups. The cable operator has begun preliminary talks with both film and TV studios and other leading Internet service providers about employing technology.

The idea is that offending users with transactional opportunities to access legal versions of copyright-infringing videos as they’re being downloaded. Under the new system, a consumer illegally downloading a film or movie from a peer-to-peer system would be quickly pushed a pop-up message with links to purchase or rent the same content.

The new approach would be an alternative to the Copyright Alert System, a voluntary initiative many leading programmers and distributors like Comcast have been utilizing since February. Other CAS participants include AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision, as well as all studios affiliated with MPAA.

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