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Publishers can’t recoup investment

by on14 June 2013

Bleszinski sends Tweets of understanding

Cliff Bleszinski, former big wheel at Epic and co-creator of Gears of War, has sent out a number of tweets that show at least one person understands the reason that Microsoft has moved in this direction with the Xbox One.

Bleszinski claims that the cost of making triple-A titles continues to grow and publishers are finding it harder and harder to recoup their investment while the used game market exists. “You cannot have a game and marketing budgets this high while also have used and rental games existing. The numbers do NOT work, people,” he said in a Tweet.

Given the fact that he has worked so closely with Microsoft, many might suggest he is just a shill for the company. That is stupid, because Bleszinski is one of the few in the industry who has always been willing to speak his mind, no matter what the cost.

He also thinks that those that think the next round of the console wars is over and are declaring the PS4 the winner do not understand that this is a multi-year fight. Bleszinski says that he plans to buy both systems when they are released.

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