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Point of View/TGT GTX 680 4GB Beast Watercooled reviewed


Temperatures idle

We decided to make use of the summer heat in Austria for our testing. This morning, the temperature was at 29°C but the forecast said it will go up to 35°C during the day. Well, not particularly comfortable, but it’s definitely a great chance to sweat our GTX 680 Beast Watercooled SLI system.

In idle mode and at 29°C room temperature, the GPUs ran at 29°C as well. It’s clear that watercooling temperatures can’t be lower than the room ones, but the good thing is that they’re not above either.

1  sli idle

Temperatures load

After 45 minutes of playing Crysis 2 at 2560x1600 with all the effects on and with room temperature at 31°C, GPU temperatures climbed up to about 50°C. This is a great result for a card with such a high overclock, even before considering the difficult testing conditions. So, when it comes to reliability, this SLI setup definitely has what it takes.

2  sli load
SLI load temperature

Testing a single GTX 680 4GB Watercooled graphics card resulted in about 44°C.

1  single load
Single card load temperaure

Power Consumption


Last modified on 24 August 2012
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