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DICE to do more than Battlefield

by on14 March 2012

Troedsson will not say exactly what

Karl-Magnus Troedsson, general manager for DICE during GDC, said that the company had plans in place to develop more products than just Battlefield. Naturally, he would not say what the studio might be working on or when we might see something else from DICE.

DICE’s last attempt at something outside of Battlefield was the critically acclaimed Mirror’s Edge back in 2008. While Mirror’s Edge was a hit with the critics and attracted many loyal fans, it was only a mild success at the cash register. Still, DICE has remained committed to producing a sequel; and while many suspect that plans do exist for a sequel, development is unlikely to have started yet, as parent Electronic Arts has not committed to it.

It is unknown what Troedsson might be referring to or what time table we might expect to hear an announcement of these new projects outside of Battlefield. Certainly, this will be one mystery that fans of the studio will want to know more about.

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