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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 22:56

Nvidia doesn’t believe in ultrabooks

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Preparation for Windows 8
Last week when we spoke with Rene Hass, Nvidia notebook division general manager, and we could not resist not to ask about ultrabooks.

Rene believes that Intel had to go after this “sexy Apple market” but he also sees a lot of problems with the execution. He believes that the Average selling prices (ASPs) are high and that mandatory material expectations and not helping. The cost is simply too high for most consumers.

He sees issues with battery life and Windows 7 is one of the key problems to address. The slim case means slim battery as you cannot put a lot of it in this mandatory slim package.

Once again people are stepping into Apple's market and want to sell an alternative version of the sexy MacBook Air, they should end up cheaper, which is hard as Apple controls a lot of material market and buys obnoxious amounts of parts at a discount. It’s hard to compete with that for just about anyone, especially vendors who don’t seem sold on the ultrabook concept themselves and are choosing to order meager volumes anyway.

Sony tried to do this market, Dell tried with Adamo but they didn’t do particularly well. The mandatory $999 lowest price might help, but Nvidia doesn’t see them as a big thing especially not now when $400 to $600 gets you a great notebook, just a bit thicker and heavier. This is a big price difference, especially in a time of economic turmoil.
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-14 #1 dan 2011-09-08 10:42
Blah, blah blah.. does anyone at Nvidia have ANYTHING interesting to say?

I guess they could tell the truth: their ship is sinking, and they will be gone within 2 years.
0 #2 JAB Creations 2011-09-08 19:56
This was actually a decently written article, why would I want to plop down a grand for an Intel slim-laptop that has a 90 warranty and will die in a year or two and can't modern games at even modest settings when I can spend half that and get a Fusion netbook that can game? Even without gaming in mind you could probably get a cheaper AMD netbook, throw in a decent SSD and see it blow away a grand slim-laptop.

Nvidia looking at the success or failure of other companies is good. Sure sometimes bad execution can gimp a great product but good execution can't save an undesired product. Personally I don't want a slim product, I want an affordable and capable product.
0 #3 chyll2 2011-09-08 20:18
While I personally dont believe in ultrabooks, I think nvidia would have different opinion if those Intel ultrabooks utilized their GPU products even if it cost additional $$.
-1 #4 markhahn 2011-09-08 20:47
a company that sells mostly add-in cards and some tablet chips doesn't think much of a market segment in which they don't participate? shock!

the interesting thing is that NV doesn't seem to be trying very hard to search for new markets. AMD and Intel will eliminate the AIC/GPU market pretty soon. is Tesla/Cuda a sure thing, enough to float the whole company?
0 #5 dicobalt 2011-09-12 23:54
Considering the cost of high end ARM solutions Nvidia laptop/desktop ARM systems are going to be extremely expensive also.

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