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Bulldozer comes on September 19th

by on31 August 2011

Eight cores for desktop
AMD's A-list is currently seeing what we know as Bulldozer at a secret presentation in Huston, Texas. They will be showed AMD's much delayed answer to Core i7 and Core i5 processors but our multiple, well informed sources claim that it won’t be able to beat the Core i7 second generation, Sandy Bridge core. However not everything is lost as AMD's six and eight-core CPUs will end up significantly cheaper and will offer pretty good value for money.

The issue is the IPC, instructions per clock don’t perform as well we they should and they cannot do enough calculations fast to beat Intel's current offering. Let’s not even mention that the third generation of Core i7, Ivy Bridge at 22nm will be even faster. And there is Sandy Bridge E coming to take over the crown lead.

AMD at least got its act together and can produce this rather complicated chip in volume, as our sources claim that Bulldozer yields are at good levels, and that they are in much better shape than Llano, AMD’s A-series APU.

The good thing is that this chip is showing its face after a two year delay. Bear in mind that Bulldozer is the first massive change of AMD core after K8 and K10 and that it has to last for a very long time.
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