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PC community to unlock Hastings

by on30 December 2010

Only 4 million support actions away
The battle among the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 communities to unlock the 5th map for the Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion Pack looks to be drawing to an end, as the PC community is only about 4 million support actions away from unlocking the Operations Hastings re-make map.

When DICE started this community challenge the PC players did get a couple of days head start, but players of the PC versions have been able to continue to rack up support actions at a considerable rate that is almost double what the Xbox 360 community (which is in second place) has been able to achieve. The PlayStation 3 community has continued to trail the Xbox 360 players, but in the last couple of days the numbers have surged forward; but it is unlikely that they will catch the Xbox 360 community.

Estimates suggest that Operation Hastings might be unlocked as soon as later today for the PC community, but it looks as if it will take at least another week for Xbox 360 players and perhaps as many as two weeks for those on the PlayStation 3 platform.

Sources tell us that the community challenge has been a big hit for DICE and something that they would like to do more of in the future. Players have also found that the challenge gives them something additional to play for.
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