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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 09:18

Nokia considering Windows Phone 7 OS?

Written by David Stellmack

Whispers suggest that they are looking at it
A number of sources are crawling out of the woodwork to tell us that none other than Nokia might be considering dabbling into the Windows Phone 7 OS waters with an offering of its own. While Nokia has already denied that such a possibility was being looked it, sources seem to confirm that Nokia is at least considering the possibility.

If we are to believe what the moles are suggesting, high level meetings have already taken place, and Nokia could be ready to intro a couple of Windows Phone 7 offerings as soon as perhaps the second quarter of next year.

While Nokia has already committed to other phone OS offerings, the decision to release a Windows Phone 7 device might be just the ticket to get back some market share if it were done right. Bringing Nokia into the fold with a Windows Phone 7 powered offering could really tip the scales a bit and give Microsoft a much better chance at success.

Nokia is said to already have a number of potential designs that could be suitable for a Windows Phone 7 offering and these offerings should offer some different designs and concepts that we have not seen in the already released Windows Phone 7 offerings. It just might be the ticket, but everything is just conjecture at this point; and we will have to wait and see which way the wind is blowing.

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+3 #1 Ferdinand 2010-12-21 10:17
So after years of ignoring Android and making 1 phone with a beta version of a modern phone OS they chose a new unproven phone OS? Nokia really works hard to fail.
+6 #2 Jigar 2010-12-21 10:48
Reliability is one of the prime aspect of their product, the interesting thing would be if Nokia shacks hand with Microsoft, it would be a killer combination imo.
+4 #3 guideX 2010-12-21 11:40
Quoting Ferdinand:
Nokia really works hard to fail.

Are you joking?
You want Android to be supported by the world's biggest phone manufacturer?
Android the OS created by an advertising company?
Android the OS which is at the heart of a massive legal confrontation between Oracle and Google?
Android the OS which still lags on pinch to zoom?
Android which still sucks for devices that don't have a 1500mah battery?
Android the OS which has no gaems?
Android the OS which has been out for over two years yet still lacks appropriate video playback features (VP8 is bullshit give us mkv)
Android the OS with the grid of icons menu?
+1 #4 Ferdinand 2010-12-21 12:21
[Quoting guideX:
Are you joking?

- No

- Yes please
- Phone 7 that is made by the company that broad you WGA and IE6?
- Every company has been sued and keeps getting sued.
- I don't fault Win7 not having VLC builtin. The application has to support pinch zoom not the OS.
- Battery life could be better yeah. But it is far from horrible.
- You should check your calendar. 2009 is old news.
- Again applications versus OS. VLC would be wonderful on Android.
- Yes! That is a real sore point of android. Luckely it is another application.
+1 #5 DJDestiny 2010-12-21 12:56
My android has a 1.5kMa Battery and it lasts pathetically very Long .
-1 #6 guideX 2010-12-21 12:57
Quoting Ferdinand:
- Yes please

I don't see how IE6 a 4 year old browser has any relevance here, no company is in legal troubles as serious as those involving Android, Motorola and HTC are paying Microsoft just to use ANDROID (yes that's correct) because they don't want MS to investigate the possible patents infringements. Android is not adequate for low power 3 inch devices check gsmarena reviews. 2009? what? i am talking today, perhaps in 2011 Android 'may' get some games from the RAGE engine but who knows. Also, so what if it is Application v OS ? Google has the time to implement VP8 and other nonsense why not native divx or mkv?
+1 #7 Ferdinand 2010-12-21 13:17
- Please read up on SCO at Groklaw and still claim that this minor skirmish is even close to a serious threat.
- Google shows time and time again that they 'get' the internet. MS does exactly the opposite except for IE9.
- Angry Birds doesn't count as a game right?
- We all now that patents on ideas are stupid right?
- We all now that patents are the main reason why devices don't just support any imaginable format?
- I don't get why you would want android on a weak small phone where symbian would be perfect.

Microsoft is being evil by suing companies for patents on ideas. Oracle is being evil by suing Google for patents on ideas. Everything in Android is either opensource or coded by Google without stealing source code of MS or Oracle.
+2 #8 yasin 2010-12-21 17:59
ofc nokia would keep the symbian on mid/low end phones, its a very good os.
i think if they put w7 os in it, it would be on a few select phones at the very high end of things (equivalent to n8)

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