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Thursday, 28 October 2010 10:08

AMD promotes Cayman as the new R300

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Very confident about Cayman

We have received some new information about Cayman, claiming that the new GPU will end up big and hot, which is not surprising as it is the biggest GPU that AMD has ever made. We don't have any exact numbers yet, but the general feeling about this quite secretive project is that it might be the new R300.

If you are old enough you will remember the famous Half life 2 vouchers and ATI’s first leader series, which included the now legendary Radeon 9700. This chip dominated against Nvidia's Geforce FX 5800, the infamous NV30, so Cayman has a lot to live up to. This was some eight years ago, in summer of 2002, way before Tweeter, Facetube and Youbook launched.

AMD is either hoping that Nvidia doesn't have a chance with its GF110 aka GTX 580 or that Nvidia could fail again. However, we believe that making the same mistake twice would be something that would really upset Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

ATI partners are confident and it looks like they should get enough cards. If all goes well Cayman Radeon HD 6970 should launch in last week of November, of course if it doesn't get pushed back further.
Last modified on Thursday, 28 October 2010 11:57
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+48 #1 ETNL 2010-10-28 10:35
You say 5970?
You probably mean 6950 and/or 6970 ?
+62 #2 loadwick 2010-10-28 10:43
OK, first its the 6970 not 5970.

Secondly, the 580 is just a dream atm, there is no proof that anyone has seen one or that its coming ever let alone soon. Believe me i want nothing more than it to be amazing and come out on the same day as the Cayman but its just not going to happen.

Thirdly, the very fact that the 6970 is so big and so hot just means the chips is going to be unbelievably fast. AMD's chips are fast when they are cool and small, when they are big and hot they will be uncatchable.

But you nVidia fan boys can hold onto Maxwell!
+57 #3 Fud_u 2010-10-28 10:46
Ugh, can I lend $500 from someone? I'll promise I'll pay back :-*
+46 #4 loadwick 2010-10-28 10:47
One last thing:

Jensen Huang would be very upset if nVidia messed up again like they did with Fermi but the rumoured 580 is a slightly revised Fermi so i don't get how much you think they could of improved it. So its not that they will be repeating the same mistake but they only have a mistake to work with!
+85 #5 Nerdfighter 2010-10-28 10:48
It's kind of annoying to hear about the paper monster GF110 in every article, which is supposed to be about Cayman.
+52 #6 Alexko 2010-10-28 10:51
Fuad, you do realize that, per JHH's own admission, GF110 is just a "mid-life kicker", right? In other words it's basically the same architecture: Fermi.
+52 #7 Burtreynolds 2010-10-28 11:08
Jeez, this is another nothing article, it tells us absolutely nothing. I'm sure its just an exercise in getting your ad hit quota up before the end of the month. I know, lets write an article with the words "R300", "Cayman", "GF110" and "GTX 580" in it, although you did balls up with "5970" instead of "6970", that's missed hits guys .... sharpen up!.
+10 #8 BorgOvermind 2010-10-28 11:13
As I said in the other article comment, 580 is just PR right now.
In order for it to have a chance it would have to be based on the GF104, not GF100.
+64 #9 guideX 2010-10-28 11:33
For gods sake, stop mentioning GTX 580 it will be a piece of shit, guaranteed.
-65 #10 chaoseater 2010-10-28 11:40
lol its twitter not tweeter :D

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