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Homebrew Halo comes to 2600

It is amazing what you can do in 4K
Taking only 4K of programming space, programmer Ed Fries has created a new title called Halo 2600 for the Atari VCS 2600 platform. The Homebrew title is perhaps best described as a cross between the Atari 2600 Adventure title and Berzerk.

Of course, as with any retro 2600, the blocky graphics and one note at a time sounds make the homage to Halo quite unique. The game itself was created by Ed Fries in just 4K of memory, and boy, does it do a lot in that 4K. The game has 64 screens and you get to locate a variety of power-ups while killing more difficult enemies.

The game was released in conjunction with the Classic Gaming Expo this past weekend; but the game is being made available for those that want to download it into their favorite 2600 emulator and have a look at this Homebrew program offering.
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