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Fake 3DMark08 screen shots posted

by on25 December 2007


It seems like someone has been bored ahead of the holiday season and made up some of thier own 3DMark08 screen shots, but it didn't take long to prove they were fakes. Well, at least some of them are for sure, as users on various forums have linked to the originals.

You can find what appears to be the source of the fake screen shots here and they're undenyingly good, too good in fact, as some of them have been rendered. You can find a couple of the originals here and here , which both belong to independent 3D artists.

Some of the pictures posted might actually be the real deal, but we're not going to hold our breath. Time will tell and despite that the originator has a news letter from Futuremark, it didn't include the pictures that the site posted, not does it mention any hard facts about when 3DMark08 will be available, if that's even the name it will go under.
Last modified on 26 December 2007
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