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Kinect bundles now confirmed

by on21 June 2010

Will still offer a $199 Xbox 360 this fall

Microsoft can’t seem to escape the heat over pricing since the announcement of Kinect. Microsoft has apparently confirmed that Kinect will be offered in two Xbox 360 bundles later this year, as well as Kinect being offered as a stand-alone purchase.

With the news about the potential of the Kinect bundles, many are already wondering if the company will abandon its strategy of selling a low-end Xbox 360 at the $199 price point. Apparently, the $199 price point will stay and Microsoft will be offering a new version of the Arcade $199 offering later this year that will feature the new Xbox 360 slim.

What will we see in the Xbox 360 Kinect bundles and at what price point? GameStop seems to think it already knows what the deal is. From what the retailer is showing, the Xbox 360 Kinect bundles will be available in a $299 and $399 configuration. It is thought that the $299 price point will be the Arcade price point without the hard drive; and the $399 price point will be the Elite price point with the 250GB hard drive. Of course, both bundles will include the Kinect hardware as part of the package.

What is actually most interesting if GameStop’s pricing holds up is that Kinect is being added to the Xbox 360 Kinect bundles for a $100 premium, where the stand-alone purchase for existing users will cost $149 (if retailers are correct). Microsoft still has not officially confirmed any pricing that is Kinect-related, but the strategy does seem likely, according to sources we spoke with.
Last modified on 21 June 2010
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