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Scythe Andy vs Scythe Zipang

by on03 February 2008



Designed for silent operation the Zipang struggles with overlclocked Intel CPUs. While it doesn't have any problems with any CPUs at nominal speed, it has a hard time with high overclocking settings. We guess the new Wolfdale CPUs will have lower temperatures, so the Zipang is a good choice. The AMD platform is no match for the Zipang. While AMD has a better heatspreader which disappates heat much faster, it's not able to bother the cooler at all. For a price of €39,- we expected better oc results with the Intel platform, but the cooler did well.

While the fan of the Andy is a bit louder compared to the Zipang, it still can be called "silent."  If you think it's still too loud, you can change it with Scythe Flex or other silent fans. Of course, the AMD platform was also no match for the Andy as well; it really showed itself with our overclocked Intel platform. We have already proved the Scythe Andy can handle a QX9650 @ 4.20GHz without problems. This top-blower will stay our reference cooler for the time being, and we highly recommand it for any user. It is available for about €34,- which is not expensive for a first-class product.


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